Prague Solo Backpack – One Day Journey

It was so exciting. Prague was tremendously beautiful. I love the city, the architecture, the landscape, and particularly the view from the top of its castle and the hills.


It’d been ‘oke oce’ since 2 years ago lol

This journey was a bit audacious one to be honest, due to lack of remaining days after the internship I had, that made me race against time in one day. I had the itinerary, but I must be strict with the time. If in case I’d ran out of time while backpacking I might have missed the bus to Berlin. And If I’d missed the bus to Berlin I would have missed the plane to Indonesia in the day after. Ran out of cash. No ticket to back. The visa expired. Deported.

Alhamdulillah it never happened.

Anyway, the incipience of this post was because I just found simple and cool video editor in Mac and randomly edited my (let’s say) vlog while doing solo backpack Journey in Prague, Czech Republic 2 years ago. Well vlogging was not really popular at that time. It is today, attested by abundant vlogging-type videos by so called Millennials. So I just combined some short random ‘shakky’ videos from my DSLR gallery, and created these three parts of the Journey. So most the stories would be told by these three clips

Prague was my final city of this solo backpacking journey in the end of intern, after Vienna and Budapest. Despite of one day, and having the tight time so I didn’t have the chance to enjoy Prague in the night, it was such an unforgettably amazing journey to experience this city.

That’s why I truly wish I could be able to come back here again to more enjoy the city without time boundary someday. And indeed not alone. Lol. Allahumma amiin.[]