Tech of Health and Toys

Randomly sometimes at the office, I’m just wondering what actually my real passion is? What things I wanna achieve in the future? What is my truly BIG dream?

Thank God for these 23 years (+ 2 days) I’ve been wandering my life with various of events, experience and learning, makes me being like who I am right now.

If asking about dream, being near with technology is the one I really want. Five years study of Electrical Engineering is a particularly turning point of my life to realize how I truthfully fall in love with technology. But tech world is really wide and big.

5 years of college + (almost) 1 years of worklife, alhamdulillah I am still in the right track that I am still near with tech. Twice of interns, first in state own enterprise in Indonesia and second in hightech research based company in Germany, experience me to use tech both for industrial machine control and particle physics research needs. Also around three years sitting in the classroom studying about circuits, code, math and all things related to Fourier transformation, definitely wakes me up how complicated deep inside the technology is.

But then I realize in my last year of college when I did my bachelor thesis, that the application of technology could give many benefits for people even save life. Especially the use of technology in healthcare. My bachelor thesis is about Electrocardiogram. Well don’t expect too much, it’s just only the basic, the minimum specification to graduate from the campus, still long way to go to save people life. But that’s more than enough to ignite my spike of passion to use the technology for healthcare sector to help people and even save many life in the future.

Well dreams keep changing right. A doctor, police, teacher are the ones I had ever dreamed of when I was a kid. Being an accountant also ever came into my dream list while in high school I ever wrote Accounting UI in my first choice of major in the test. Even architecture and designer ever came in my mind because my hobby is drawing since elementary school.

But (at least until now) I really have a longterm dream to own a healthtech company in Indonesia. I don’t know what God has prepared about my life, maybe after this I move into an oil based company, or consumer goods company. Or maybe I will study grad school which totally not related to health. Or even maybe I will work for restaurant or culinary things. I don’t know.

But one thing for sure, I will work on my dream to work in healthtech industry and build mine as long as the light of this courage still sparks in my heart. I will struggle for this, and I will strive to achieve it. I hope it won’t change and I hope it will never be. In syaa Allah!

But wait! Did I forget to mention about toys?? Yeah. Another to-be-honest-thing, I also really have a BIG passion about toys which is related to technology. So this is particularly not a software based toys (or we call it games) such as in phone like COC, or PC based like DoTA, counter strike or others.

I prefer and fond of creating a physically thing ones that kids directly could touch, though not to mention it could be also connected with gadget, or we call it internet of things. So toys like Lego, puzzle, remote control, action figures, etc which kids could play it for fun as well as increasing their kinesthetic, STEM, or other type of intelligence or spatial ability. How fun if I could work in these things :’) I hope so. Allahumma Aamiin.

Therefore someday if God really gives me chance and times and permission, I wish I could make these dreams come true, which work in health and/or toy tech industry.

Again I totally have no idea what the future is, what can I do is just keep dreaming and keep being in the right path. A path which is always blessed by Him. As long as I am still there, I don’t care whatever my future will be, since I do believe He is the only one who knows what the best for me.

Allahul musta’an.[]


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