Three things I got from Supermentor 16

Last night, I just attended Supermentor 16 with my friends, an event initiated by Dino Patti Djalal, which is a platform for iconic figures to share and empower youths. Random tau dari temen tentang acara sebelumnya, jadi pengen ikut, moreover it only took minutes to the venue (Djakarta Theater XXI Thamrin), and the best it’s after office time. Terus takut keburu lupa jadi pengen langsung share di sini.

Hasil gambar untuk supermentor 16

Well 3 things actually I got by attending that event yesterday, those are tears, courage and hope.


To be honest I shed tears last night, especially when watching many heartbreaking videos from worldbank. I got some of the videos from youtube, you could watch it by yourself

Especially the second one, video about Bu Murtianah, truly made me thank God about my life I got right now. At least I was born in a middle class family, got enough nutrition, have an opportunity to college, and  got many other rare things while most of the people didn’t.

Ditambah lagi presentasi dari Reza Rahardian, di Sumbawa orang-orang berjalan kaki 10 KM untuk mendapat air bersih (gw jalan ke kantor 2 KM aja udah keringetan), terus dari Bu Vivi, senior ekonom WB, di Kalimantan ada yang perkampungan puskesmas teredekat itu 20 KM, even the data if I’m not mistaken, only 35% babies in Indonesia have complete vaccination, and 40% ones have exclusive ASI.

A bit classic, maybe some of you have already known Indonesia indeed has bunch of problems, and it does!! But those numbers from last night at least emphasize us those are truths and real happening right now. Out of our comfort bed, delicious foods everyday, air conditioner in the office, millions of people struggling out there to just having a spoon of rice.


An opening speech from Pak Dino truly encouraged me, which is about 3 poverty terminators, those are education, technology and entrepreneurship. Education indeed is to make people more productive, dan untungnya kata Bu Sri Mulyani, karena fiscal policy dulu yang APBN pendidikan Indonesia cuma 10 T sekarang sudah menjadi 400T (kalo gw ga salah denger).

Menarik dari sini, dua hal lain dari poverty terminators adalah technology and entrepreneurship a.k.a startups. Maybe ini yang lagi booming sekarang dan related to my passion which is tech. Well some of you maybe have read a viral article from former Kaskus founders about the bubble in tech startups here. Well I realized that’s happening in Indonesia right now, but it doesn’t mean totally bad.

Orang-orang seperti Nadiem, Fery, William, and other tech startup founders, indeed contribute to this poverty terminators thing. They open many job fields and help improving economics which is to close up the gap of poverty. But one thing they have to make sure that their business must sustainable and the valuation of their companies must produce positive cashflow and equal to the impact to society.

Ga mau panjang-panjang ding, karena kapasitas juga masih minim, dan masih tahap belajar. But at least I got a courage from here. A small spark to keep in the right track, which is in line with what Islam has taught us. The best people are the ones who could give benefit to the others.


Last but not least, I got from last night is a hope. To be honest it was my first time I watched directly the speech from Bu Sri Mulyani. And I could say it was totally inspiring, charismatic and stunning. The way she delivered her speech last night truly reflected millions of experience she had before. Twice becoming minister of finance, the first Indonesian to be managing director and COO of world bank, and 23 influence women according to Forbes.

She is also the founder of LPDP, which like Pak Dino said before, education is number one poverty terminator. And that’s where my hope comes from. Many of my friends right now are studying abroad because of LPDP, and I do believe they will become someone like Bu Sri Mulyani in the future. Someone who are smart and very well educated to drive this country. Mereka yang akan meneruskan tongkat estafet dari para generasi X saat ini.

And me? I don’t know. Thing I could do now is trying to be on the same right track with them. I don’t want to be someone who just watch from audience seats. Hanya menyaksikan perubahan. I want at least to try to be involved within. Semoga bisa. Allahumma Aamiin.[]


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