Work Lesson #1: Inaugural Presentation

The door of the meeting room was finally opened. It had been booked for the next two hours for us to giving presentation to the client of which was -for my case- gonna be the first big client in team which I had been in charge in. I put and set the device in front of the table, checked the software again very thoroughly to make sure nothing’s wrong will happen for the demonstration.

This presentation was completely different to the ones I had done in my entire years while at school or college. At those times, if I failed the presentation I would just got bad score or remark for my final report. But now, If I failed this, the company would probably risk to lost an opportunity of revenue which could reach million of dollars.

There were three people from company’s client that came that day. Two Indonesians, one Indian who in fact that Indian guy is the regional leader of APAC (Asia Pacific) and the other two are Indonesia country leader and Supply Chain manager from their company which means, all of them are the first ring. Nice!

In addition my CEO, vice CEO as well as General Manager of technical division also enlivened the meeting as representatives from our company. Because indeed this meeting was key decision of the business opportunity before we agreed to continue to the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Which is again very nice!

I said in the title as Inaugural since I just deemed it as one. I mean this was truly my first trial to give presentation to the client since the first time I became Multinational Company’s employee previous months ago. Nonetheless the one who lead the meeting and presentation was my Boss in BD (Business Development) division, which made me a bit relieve since what I needed to do was just following his guidance.

My boss opened the meeting by firstly introducing the team. The starting was smoothly done and he continued to present the business problems and our solution to solve them. There were many questions and answers and my boss were able to handle it very well. Experience does matter, isn’t it. Then after his presentation was done my part was finally begun: the presentation of POC (Proof of Concept).

I was a bit umm.. I prefer to say it lucky to get this opportunity. My senior Business Analyst who were also in charge in this project were absent through sickness which means I must go for the presentation. My friend as the embedded engineer accompanied me to demo this solutions. It had been long time I never spook English anymore, plus with the “heavy” atmosphere of the company’s executives that sat around me, made my tongue slipped and spook haltingly in the beginning. Moreover suddenly the internet connection had problem in the time I opened the webpage that made me totally nervous and a bit panicked at a glance. But fortunately my boss in fast covered with some talks while I did the fixing in the laptop.

Those moments passed so fast, I tried to inhale and then speak again to continue the presentation. After some talks I was able to speak a bit fluently than before and handle the rest of the presentation so well. My friend also were so good in handling the hardware which beyond our expectation there was no any single errors occurred while we executed the system. FYI, our system honestly produced a bit margin percentage of error while we developed it. But it didn’t happen during the demonstration which produced 100% veracity to beyond immensely satisfy our clients.

They smiled and appraised our team in the end of the demonstration and said

“This is actually what we are looking for!!”

How relieve! Alhamdulillah.

My part was finished then my boss again handled the rest. The clients will bring this solution to their office in Singapore first before move to an NDA. Well it was still on going until know and if the NDA was done we will continue to the development.

I haven’t mentioned in detail what kind of system that we are developing since it is still confidential. But one thing’s for sure, I passionately look forward to finishing this project and I hope I am able to learn and steal as much experience and knowledge as I able to steal from this company. Aamiin. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah![]


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