A Dream of meeting prophet

Umm.. before I write this, for disclaimer while reading, I just want to make sure, never extrapolate anything from this post. Never conclude or draw a conclusion. Never self-interpret moreover in exaggeration way anything even just a single word. Never deem as something special.

Today I was awaken from a sleep. In the morning like usual day. There was no something special happened yesterday. There was no any omen which galvanized me to do a good deed. But I dreamed something adequately indescribable in my sleep last night.

Yap. I dreamed of meeting my prophet, Rosul SAW.

I don’t know either it is right or not, but when I woke up I still remembered a bit of my dream scene. I wrote this just want to perpetuate what I saw in that dream and maybe someday I could ask someone to interpret what is the real meaning of this dream.

And yah, one more, what I will write in here, maybe not exactly same with what I dreamed of last night. Since you know dream is truly same with what is described in Inception movie, or like what you occasionally dream in your sleep, something illogically happened and naturally moves from scene to scenes. Here I try to assemble those puzzle scenes and describes it with the words as thoroughly as possible.

So in my dream last night, there were two -let’s say- factions. Both of them clashed of each others. I was a member of one faction which was against the prophet’s faction. There were kind of war at that time and I was truly confuse why should I fight my prophet?

I asked my leader’s faction about that. I mean he is prophet, Rosul SAW, why should I fight against him. I didn’t exactly remember what was his answer. But what I captured from my faction’s leader answer is just follow his order because indeed I was his faction’s.

I doubted a moment. I knew he was truly my prophet. Then I decided to trail my prophet silently. I still remember -if I’m not mistaken- at that time, the physical shape of his body when I trailed him from behind.

This is actually the crucial one. I just googled about a dream of meeting Rosul, and the hadits said syaitan are not able to imitate him. BUT… he is able to be someone and confess that he is him. Therefore I need to make sure that the characteristic of his physical is without discrepancy between what Hadits say and what I saw in the dream.

From what I remember in my dream, he was like an Arab people. I mean physically like an Arab people as we know: wearing a long Gamis, a turban around his head, and the color of everything he was wearing was grey. He was tall and had a very long beard. I think he was old enough maybe around 40s. But because I trailed him from behind I didn’t see his face.

Then in that dream, he entered a house and there was another person in that house as well. I was still behind him while he opened the door and went inside it. My memory of the dream scene is a bit blur till here.

If I’m not mistaken, I also entered that house and seeing his face opened the door for me while perhaps smiling (not sure). I came inside the house and looked at another person with him in that house though I didn’t remember the face. I sat beside my Rosul and he said something to me, but again I didn’t remember his words. There was kind like conversation between me and Rosul, but I’m not really sure about this since the memory was so blur and I could not memorize the detail of what we were talking about. However I felt conveniently comfortable beside him. I could present his wise, his calm, and his broad of knowledge. I felt in peace.

I don’t know whether this scene that I describe through words right now is precisely same with what I dreamed last night but that is what I really felt till now. I hope it’s right. Aamiin.

And after the conversation was finished, magically without any question anymore I just trusted him. I did believed in him. And I was totally sure that his faction was right. I still felt it until know the feeling. Therefore I coalesced and became a member of his faction. And I fought for him.

Then the dream is over.

I have no memory anymore after that one. I remembered I woke up some minutes before adzan shubuh but I didn’t directly realize what I dreamed just after I woke up. I went to bathroom, did an ablution and looked at the phone the there was still time to do Tahajud. Again I still didn’t realize about what I dreamed last night till this time. After the adzan was sounded I did 2 rakaats Qobliah before going to the mosque to pray Shubuh near my kost.

And finally a moment after the last Salam of shubuh prayer, I just realized that I dreamed about my prophet last night. Then it ends up with this post I am writing right now.

Again, don’t extrapolate anything from this. I am also still not really sure about my dream last night whether it’s right or not. But I hope it’s right that I really met Rosul SAW in dream. Aamiin.

Even though I am totally aware that I am still full of sins right now, still far away from a stable Iman. I still waste many of my time, still miss many of sunnah, even many times I am not khusyu in prayer. Therefore I always hope that Allah never feel bored of me. With many sins of mine I hope he never gives up on me and far away from me. Aamiin. Allahumma Aamiin.[]


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