Yesterday Sunday, I was asked by my friend to join an event held by TV One at the biggest mosque in Indonesia, Istiqlal. Praise be to Allah, here in such never ending busy city I am still given a best friend who still reminds me of Islam :’)

The speakers were personally inspiring for me. Aa Gym, Sandiaga Uno and Ippho Santosa. I was a bit late to go there because I just knew there was a CFD in Sudirman near my kost (c’mon fif where were you lol), that made me to take a look for a glance before going to Istiqlal. Second one, I also got lost in busway. Ow man, honestly it was still hard to understand transJakarta’s “complicated track” for a new guy like me. And I also wonder how tourists could survive in such this city lol.

Back to topic. I came exactly when Mr. Uno was speaking in the masjid mimbar. What I truly remembered at that time was, when someone asked a question in QA session “how routines does Mr. Uno do Dhuha?”

I didn’t know specifically his precise answers but the point, he always does Dhuha at least 8 rakaats a day before going to work. Well, this mind automatically did a self-reflection for a moment, that I did wanted to get abundant Rizq, a work, a project, or a business. But what I did was only 2 rakaats a day, and even I didn’t know how routine it was like cosine curve which consisted a variable of “mood” up and down over there.


So a point from this post is I also want to ask myself and the readers to start creating a dhuha habit. As a beginning, maybe it’s hard to directly do 8 rakaats a day. So let’s start with single step first, which is 2 rakaats, BUT routinely. Like what Yusuf Al-Qaradawi writes in his book “Fiqh priority”,

a small but continuous prayer is more prior than a big one but just once in a time

But still, let’s try to aim the goal of 8 rakaats a day. We do smoothly step by step, 2 rakaats but everyday for a month first. Then next month try to make it counted 4 rakaats till next one year. And so on and so on. Until we reach 8 rakaats a day for the rest of our entire life (aamiin).

Trust me it really works! For you who is hardly struggling to get Rizq right now, do this dhuha routinely. In syaa Allah you will get Rizq from an unexpected way beyond your mind[]


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