Creating Habits within Family

I just wanna get used to write in English again. Well, it’s actually just a random post about habit within family. Let’s just say it’s a code… for myself (and you, maybe) to remind what should I do (or we do, maybe again) in the future. Just kidding. But serious. Ow whatever.

Okay, where should I begin? Ah yes. It all started a few days ago, when someone anonymously asked me about what is my habit in the morning, through my Then spontaneously the first thing in my mind is drinking 2 glasses of water. Yes, I always drink 2 glasses of water in the morning after waking up. Well “always” in here is, let’s just say almost everyday. You know talking about habit it’s hardly to say “often” since it doesn’t really reflect our habits. But literally, it’s also not right to say “always” since sometimes there’s such time we found hardly to do our routines due to anomaly business, isn’t it(?)…. tick tok tick tok. To make it simple let’s just say yes!

Back to topic. Drinking water in the morning it’s really good for our body. Someone said it’s a natural detoxification or whatever biological words I’m not really good at. But most of people don’t do it (personal assumption, sample only some friends near me lol, totally just assumption without data). I honestly felt it too though. You know, if you hadn’t have this habit, try after waking up in the morning, drink 2 glasses of pure water. I bet you’re gonna feel to almost vomit.

Right? If you don’t feel that. I am gonna give you….. hmmm… a title “Mr/Mrs. with-no-vomit-feeling-after-drinking-two-glasses-water-in-the-morning”

*Yeay, congratulation*

Forget it. Back to topic again. Yap. To be honest I don’t create that habit by myself. My mom did it.

The story is a long long time go…. there was a volcano. Living all alone in the middle of the sea. -Lava by Pixar

Just FYI it’s my most favorite Pixar OST. You can listen it above. So romantic <3

*Out of topic. Intermezzo. Focus failed*

Yes! My mom forced me to create that habit! Could you imagine. Every time I woke up, with still half of mind on. My mom directly stood in front of me, faced me with eyes -looked like a mangekyou- staring to my eyes sharply, with knife in her right hand and a glass of water in her left hand then saying with highly sopran tones.

“Drink this or you’re not gonna get your breakfast…!!!”



The best alarm ever. Indeed I drank it. Then she said again

“one more, take it by yourself”

with knife still in her hand. Absolutely crazy if I don’t do that. Umm, I think it’s a bit exaggerating, but not really. Well of course it’s not. It’s just a hyperbolatical(?) explanation to emphasize something.

And could you imagine, it’s repeated consecutively every morning. Day to months, years, and centuries *no kidding*. Make me really want to do it to my children later as a revenge! *Another kidding*. Don’t take it seriously. But yes indeed I want to revenge it to my children. To force them… um no no no. Not forcing. but to smoothly ask them to do it too. If they don’t want maybe forcing is a need. Maybe.


By such thousand repetitions -like what Charles Duhigg wrote in his book “The Power of Habit”, the cue is my mother, the routine is drinking 2 glasses, and the reward is the vomit feeling(?) lol kidding, I mean the breakfast, now magically it becomes a habit!!

It’s a normal thing for me to drink 2 glasses of water every morning. And I just realized the effect another few days ago. When I randomly came to G*ld gym at Setiabudi One to ask some registration and fee things. And their staff offered me to try a fitness test. And you know, though my age now is 22, but the result said my inner organ is age 18. Which is 4 years younger than my outer organ(?). Is that awesome? At least the staff said it was good. Although there are 2 big assumptions in here. First let’s just assume that result is related to my “drinking” habit. Second, let’s just assume too that result is from proven scientific analysis, not only one of their marketing strategies so I will register to that G*ld Gym. Ha ha.

Come to serious thing.

Creating a habit is not that easy in an old age. But it will be easier to create it while still in the child phase, which is in family. I really hope, I (or we*) could build it within a family first and foremost. *we in here refers to I and the readers, okay! I mean I try to ask the readers to follow my suggestion. Just want to avoid misconception.

You know like simple thing. Praying before eating.

I always watched many movies, that a non-muslim people said something before eating, Itadakimasu, Bon apetit, or blessed our food. Or even they bow their head down and unite both of their palms just to pray before eating. Why don’t we as a muslim have such that habit. I mean we have that du’a, I am sure everybody knows that du’a, or simplest thing just say Basmallah before starting (but not “Bismillah in the start and the end”). Yeah and I am sure such thing could be created in the family.

Or waking up before shubuh. Greeting before coming and going out. Pushing inside the chair back under the dinning table after eating. Reading before sleep. Reciting Quran after Magrib. Or many other simple good things which are repeated routinely and become habits within family.

What an ideal.

Well theory should be an ideal right. Practical must lead to such ideal theory, isn’t it? Okay, it’s almost the end. And as a closing statement, I just remembered I ever quoted a cool proverb in my facebook, and I hope you guys also always remember it. That:

There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent

Let’s create habits in our family![]


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