Tentang Nama

Disini saya ingin menulis sebanyak mungkin rangkaian kata. Cerita, pengalaman, pemikiran, pembelajaran dan semua hal yang mungkin tidak terlalu penting untuk bisa menjadi sebuah tulisan. Salah satunya post ini. Haha.

Kali ini saya ingin berbicara soal nama. Ya literally nama. Muhammad Afif Izzatullah. Itu nama lengkap saya. Tapi uniknya di daerah barat atau beberapa negara mereka memiliki surname atau family name which most of Indonesia people don’t have. For example mine. I don’t have surname. I only have full name. People daerah barat biasanya memanggil secara sopan/formal surname kita atau dalam kasus saya nama belakang saya. So to say Mr. Izzatullah. But for infomal or between friends they usually call with the first name. Yes,in my case is Muhammad.

Many of friends the first time call me Muhammad. Even not the first time. I have already introduced to some of my Europe friends “just call me Afif”. Still, sometimes they don’t remember it the next time we meet, and call me Muhammad. Well I am so happy be called as Muhammad, but just feel it is so heavy-burden. Indeed he is our prophet. So I get more comfortable with the call just Afif.


Tentang nama, I personally want that my children (insyaAllah, aamiin) have name a bit more adaptable to both east and west countries. So at least it has the first name as the nick name, so he/she will be easier to introduce name to the other people. I also prefer he has so-called like family name, which maybe, the combination of my name and you. Yes you! lol.

Well just random thought though. It is only about the arrangement of the full name. About the meaning of the name itself, I still have no idea. I prefer there is an islamic meaning but also has a cool pronunciation which most of the people in the world are able to say it without much effort. Lol.

Well once more, it’s totally random midnight thought. I’m still flexible about that though. Guten nacht![]


Hamburg, Germany
Midnight 21th August 2015. After playing “mafia” with some of friends here. It was so fun. If you don’t know mafia, you must know werewolf. Yap it’s the same. Maybe it could also be a post in my blog. I wish. Tschuss :)


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