The place I stay for 2 months in Hamburg | DESY apartment

Which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

Alhamdulillah. Allah has given me one more chance to see the world. To stay in a new place. To wait for the new sunrise from different ground to do shubuh. To end -insyaAllah- the blessed day with the sunset of magrib and Isya.

I have been already for 1 month staying in here, the fifth place of the most liveable cities in Europe according to UK Business Insider. I Got new friends. Absorbed new knowledge. Learnt new language. Visited tremendous places. And crafted experience in my lifeline to tell and share to my children and new family later (aamiin).

Sometimes I do recording instead of writing to tell you my new life. I have a very beautiful soulmate that has accompanied me since the first time I stepped my feet in the new ground of Allah in the other side of the earth: Nikon D3100.

Here I self-recorded about the place that I stay for 2 months in Hamburg

Alhamdulillah. Thank Ya Rabb for everything. Sometimes I became far away from You with all the gifts you had given to me. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve all of these things. But Rosul taught us to always be grateful with everything. Please always keep me in your right track to go to Jannah.



If you can’t see the video. This is the room for me to stay about 2 months in Hamburg. My roommate is from Germany and another blessing from God too that he is vegetarian. I put “vegetarian” as a wishing-list of a roommate before coming to here. So at least I won’t see pork besides my food in the shared locker-refrigerator. I also told him that I need to pray 5 times a day and he respected me. The Qibla of Hamburg is 132 degree and (again) luckily it’s exactly beside my bed which faces to the wall. So I can do it shubuh in the morning quietly without waking him up.

The best thing from the Germany is we can directly drink the tap water which needs not to heat it up, even from the faucet in toilet. Since you know I’m a bit “addicted” to water. My mom always forced me, at least to drink water after wake up. It happened for years make me getting to used it. It becomes my habit which there is something odd if I don’t drink water in the morning.

Thank God. I truly enjoy my life here. I hope I can still be able to be close to You, though I am so far away from the light of islam in surrounding.

It’s one month left though. One thing I learnt from here. Don’t try to travel alone. You need at least someone beside you to give remembrance to each others about Islam. I wish this will be my last time traveling abroad alone. The next time I hope I can go with you. Yes you whom have been written by Him in the side of me.[]

Hamburg, Germany
19th August, 2015


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