Agaiin. What a simple explanation about destiny from NAK! Anyway I dont know recently, some random videos just showed up in my tumblr & FB homepage and all are related to “destiny”.

And honestly it’s truly related to what I am worrying about right now. Such as what will I do after graduation? Which way should I choose? Can I truly reach my big dream? Anything about future. And Allah predestines me to watch those of the videos

And finally I got truth answer about my problems from this video that actually there are 2 variables about our future:

Human effort + God’s Will

So just do everything you need and you believe to do. Chase your dream as much effort as you have and let Allah decide what is the result of our effort. Subhanallah. How magnificent the way Islam taught to us

ThankGod for giving me such greatest gift ever from all gifts. That’s the gift of believing about Your deen or the gift of Iman. I hope it can be long-lasting until the time I will meet you and hoping too it will be in the state of Khusnul Khotimah. Aamiin :’)


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