Rain Melody – Life Reflection

It’s been loong time I haven’t heard the sound of the rain drop before I sleep. Exactly today, 28th October 2014 -Youth day, and also one day before I’ll become 21, the first number in twenties; the age when Muhammad Al Fatih conquered east Romawi; the time when Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckenberg; and indeed the beginning of my new life- I heard that most beautiful melody ever, again.

Yeahh, I love the sound of the rain so much, especially before sleep. The peak of the rest from activities of full day, I put my body on the bed, while thinking what I have done today. What good deeds I have made and how much sins I created.

Accompanied by the beautiful melody of the rain, I mused and dived to the deep of my heart, finding pages of my history. The first time I was forced by my parents to do shalat. How I cried so loud feeling hungry in the first time Ramadhan. How difficult to move my mouth in the time when I tried to read Iqro’. And many others first time I had been introduced to Islam

Then time went fast, I reached the bottom dot in my life-line, that when Junior high school, the time I felt reallyyy far from Allah. I almost never read Qur’an anymore, I even ever skipped some fardhus, it was maybe uncountable, the disgraces that I did.

But Alhamdulillah, Allah still remembered me. He gave me the light in the beginning of high school when I joined Pesantren Ramadhan. I met with Kak Zaky to join his mentoring-group in the mosque near my house (and now I just realized that I had known Tarbiyah in the past)

I tried to rebuild my foundation again, to become closer to Allah. Being dormed in the first year of high school made me become independent and seek more knowledge of Islam. I met many friends that have superb voice while adzan. I was also ‘forced’ to memorize Asmaul Husna, Quran and some Duas in dorm. That was really my turning point of my life.

Then I arrived in my today campus, ITB. By only having small networking, I tried to have as many friends as possible, especially the ones that can remind me of Islam. And finally in the second year of college life, I was introduced to my first (and maybe) the best Murrobi ever. From him I learn many things. He is really my brother, my teacher, and my best friend ever. I also met new best-friends from his Liqo. This was the dawn of my another new life.

Now Alhamdulillah, I still have the atmosphere of life that can always remind me to keep close to Allah. I have friends in the right and left of me, that always make me feel the peacefulness of Iman. The ones that always motivate me to do Fastabiqul Khairat. And also to do everything as Ahsanu Amala.

Some hours left I will become 21. The melody of the rain slowly turns her volume down. In the same time my sleepiness finally come. I hope tomorrow I will still keep the gap with Allah close, even closer. So that I can pursue the true meaning of life. To reach my final destination, which is His best Jannah. Amiin


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