Another Random Thougth: Boring, Exam, Holiday & Political Situation

Frankly, this is super randompost I made before tomorrow exam, to accidentally follow my writing ignition from the deepest of the heart (?). Yeah, let’s say I’m caught (dunno how many times) in the peak of boredom. So bored to study, so lazy to open some pages of books, even so sluggish to move my hand to scratch some calculation in the paper by pen.


I want to blame the political situation in Bangkok, because of ‘him’, almost all campuses are closed and the worst case happens, the DOMINO effects! Yes, the final exam are postponed, the project deadline are extended to some weeks (this one I wonder if some parts of my heart are happy), and the most critical part indeed our holiday time is narrowed to only some few days.

But HOW? HOW could I blame the JUSTICE?

Since my ears’re hearing (dunno whether it’s correct or not), that in out there all grassroots to medium-high class Thai citizens demonstrate to strive their rights, to fight the corruption and to honor their integrity. I truly respect to them! I truly respect to thousands of the people which are willing to sacrifice their time, to ready facing the fatigue even though there would be high chance it’s all gonna be futile. Yet, it doesn’t matter! As long as they have their love to their beloved country which had been being their umbrella to protect them away of “rain” along their life.

Anyway, above all, those are their domestic affairs, doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care! but I think solely know is more than enough.

Okay, back to topic? Though I also have no idea what is the main topic of this post. Like I said before, it’s just super random thought, which has like the feather that is flying follow the flow of the wind. Syuuu


Oh yesss!  I randomly find the PURPOSE of this writing. I also don’t want the force that has been outed by my hands to type in the Laptop keyboard will be futile.

That purpose is “TO Improve my writing skill of English”

Even though I do not know how many times grammar mistakes have been created in this post, since like I said before it is super random thought, just let the uncountable of neuron cell of my brain is flowing, like electron that vines through conductor. Very fast!

Okay let’s stop it in here. I do hope all of you who randomly read this post will have a good day, have a good exam score and have a good holiday moment! And last but not least, hope the conflict situation in Bangkok will end in peace with the win of justice!!

Viva la Vida !


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