You know, I envy them…

They who in the one-third of night always wake up from their sleep, fight the drowsiness, seek the water and (though they need to force their body) they splash it to do ablution in order to prepare to face their Creator, Allah SWT.

Perhaps, they only got 3 to 4 hours sleep at night, even less, yet thinking that they only have a little time to live, what the world will face them hereafter, and what the answers they have prepared later in their grave… they always smile and even shed their tears to sincerely ask for His blessing

I also envy them…

They who have a lot of time to bring out the good to the other people and give everything they can give to help each other. Nothing of their time to use but to look for as many as deeds to give a hand to their surrounding.

Their life is full of peace, comfortable soul, with pure of happiness, to see people around them smiling. Even sometimes they need to sacrifice something of their own, they never regret it, since they know the best people of God that the ones who can give as much as benefit to the others.

I envy them too…

They who have been given a trust to lead their community. Because you know, people are fated to be leader whoever they are. We are leader at least for ourselves. But I truly envy them, the ones who have a chance to lead many people, to show people the best way, to turn people into the right path to go to His heaven, while grabbing each other hands.

They give love to their community, a warm love, not as their boss, yet as their friend who walk side by side

Ahhh… I truly envy them too…

They who have money, or at least things, so that they can give to other people.

Sometimes I really want to be rich in my future, even the richest man in the world, so that I have bunch of opportunities, to build foundation, to build school for unfortunate children, to build hospital or even research center to cure all of illness, and foremost to build mosque in many countries. So that many Muslims are able to easily find the place to take a pray and to spread Islam to the world.

How delightful if I could do that

And for the last, the people that I extremely envy them..

Are the ones who have many time to recite and memorize Quran. Nope, not exactly it means they have bunch of time. They are all also busy in their life. A lot of time they spend for living, studying, chatting with friends or even playing.

But because of their high desire to reach the best place beside Allah and their Rosul SAW, they always force themselves -beat their will to play or even to rest- to set aside some of their time to interact with Quran. They even shed their tears while reading. They almost forget the time while memorizing. They always find the inner peace while reciting

God I truthfully envy them…

I am but none compare to them

Therefore God, Allah SWT, let me promise -Umm nope, not only me, yet all of the readers who feel envious too- if You give us more time to live, we will do our best, to beat all of them… to compete with eagerness, to pray as much as we can do and give as many things as we are able to, to help each other, to get Your blessing, and to get Your permission to enter your heaven



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