Live While We’re Young! – A Prologue Story of Exchange Experience

A title of song?

Yeah, one direction! I am not a crazy-big fan of them though, and even don’t want to relate this post with that song lyric. I just like the title and the music, not the lyric. Since you know, it tells about something called “love” and “live the night life”… just a nonsense! Opposite to that, in this post I just wanna tell a little prologue-story about of my life as an exchange student and maybe can be concluded as one sentence that “Live While We’re Young”!

Maybe just previous months before, I was informed that I received a scholarship from DIKTI (Ministry of Education Indonesia) to join the program named ASEAN International Mobility Students (AIMS). It happened as soon as after I finished my mandate in PEMIRA 2013 (FYI, I was entrusted to be the head of committe in this event, read this one:

I -without thought so long- applied to that program-opportunity which was informed in ITB International Relation Office (IRO)’s website. Because you know, one of my goals before graduating from ITB, is to study abroad in the other countries, particularly to do a research. There was a small hope when I was nominated as 10 people in Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD) by Aminef to study in US, yet Allah decided it was not the time yet, I had to wait and prepare more.

The second highest target was actually Japan, because there were so many opportunities given from Japan universities to ITB students through international cooperation. Yet, second-unfortunately, perhaps because I needed more focus for studies and finished my responsibility in PEMIRA, I miss all the deadline of registration to be an exchange student in Japan. When I checked to the IRO website, there was only one left program which still had time to apply, that was indeed this AIMS 2013.

AIMS is truthfully a new program by DIKTI which cooperates with 3 ASEAN countries, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. It gives the opportunity to each of countries’ student to experience study exchange . One of the chances is given to ITB students to study in King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok Thailand in 3 major, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Automation Engineering. After seeing and browsing a bit information about automation engineering in KMUTT, without thinking too long I just applied it. Since I had already owned all the documents from UGRAD selection before, so the only thing I must do was submitted it.

The clock kept ticking, day to days and changing to weeks, then…

I was just informed that I received that AIMS scholarship. It is a fully-funded scholarship by DIKTI which cover all things, from the airplane ticket, monthly allowance, Visa, health insurance, etc and for the tuition fee is already paid by the KMUTT itself. So what I need to bring are just my mind and body (with cloths and personal stuffs indeed).

Yet at that time I was still doubt whether to take it or not. After browsed some information about KMUTT deeper, talked with my parents, lecturer and my friends, and do the best thing while deciding something -shalat Istikharah-, and so my final decision was Yes.

Honestly if you know, I decided my final decision in right-time as soon as I finished my shooting in #YukBerdakwah video which I posted before. It was like Allah “directly” talked to me. Yap, I had to go back to the inception reason, that I wanted to seek more knowledge, to reach the highest degree that Allah promising, and to follow what my great prophet Muhammad SAW ever said:

“People who are sincerely seeking knowledge will be given an easier way to reach heaven”

So I set aside my prestige, and with Bismillah decided to take that scholarship. Maybe some of friends have already experienced more precious scholarship or countries to pursue their studies. Yet it doesn’t matter. Perhaps It’s still my level, I have to increase step by step. And even, in the end, we will be counted individually for what we have done in the world. So it has no relation with the other people.

Yet I feel more relieve that knowing KMUTT is top rank universites according to Times Higher Education (THE): it even beat some of taiwan, china and japan universities (I don’t know why there is no Indonesia). Furthermore, I also found out that KMUTT is also number one in Thailand in term of Science and Engineering research which is really appropriate to my main purpose that to do research about electrical engineering.

In the end, in the latest of august, as soon as I finished my internship, I flied to Bangkok, to experience a new life.

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Some of random Pictures of my New Life in Bangkok

Yeah, that is still the prologue, I do want to tell you more story about my life in Bangkok, about my new friends, my taken-courses, robot-research, new laboratories, Islamic atmosphere,  and everything about the Allah place-creation in the other side. Yet right now, I still have much work to do about my research and studies in here (even though this weekend I am still in lab while typing this post haha). But InsyaAllah next time I will continue it…

“Leave your place, and wandered into the land of the other people” -Imam Syafi’i


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