Here I am

Here I am…

trapped in the middle of beautiful melody made by raindrop, in a new land for my life, and new activities to survive. Library is truly a comfortable place to have a rest… contemplate what deeds I just done today, How much power I have spent to help people. And how sincere I am to keep seeking the meaning of life. With his silent, artificial fresh air, and his giving of high speed internet connection, to make me flying and keeping away, the gap, to see the world. I feel peace in here.

Yah, truthfully it is because of the rain I cannot directly go back to my apartment. There is a choice, that is to go to work out at Gym, like a new daily activity I just created. Yet, fate talks different. I forget to bring a changing cloth, and a medium-short pants to exercise. Therefore, library is one of the best choice to killing time, waiting for the rain stop.

Yeah here I am…

Beginning to live in a new environment, a new place, new atmosphere and new country… Crafting a new scratch in my board of life-line.

One of the biggest motivation for me to keep survive is because I believe that God will always help for His people who walk in the path of seeking knowledge. Running stably with one purpose, to find His blessing, in order to have a permission to enter His heaven. The highest heaven.

Okay, the rain stops.

It is time for leaving. By surely walking to move forward, to aim a final place to meet Him.

Here I am, still happily living in my ‘new’ life

Muhammad Afif Izzatullah

KMUTT Library, Bangkok 2013


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