Live with Direction and Value!

Right now I am in the middle of learning about English structure and grammar. So from now on I want to increase the quantity of English Posting at my blog. In this post I write about a resume of MBC (A HME orientation term) in day- 8 by using English as a primary language.

So, topic of MBC this day was only one. That was all about religion. We were, all MBC participants, divided into some groups according to our religion each other. Those are Islam, Buddha, Hindu, catholic and protestant respectively. Me?? Islam absolutely.

As many as hundred of us, I and my friends who believe in faith of Muslim, gathered in one group to get the matter of Islam religion in the Labtek 8 basement. The speaker at that time was Kang Rendy whom were too inspiring to us. The main point he delivered was about how we, as weak human beings in the God’s eyes, live our life in the faith way.

“Value and direction”

Which one is yours?

Those two things are the most important stuffs to live our life. We got to own our direction and create our standard value. So we can get what we call as happiness, success and imperturbability. So guys, right from now on, soon decide where do you want to go in the future which is your direction as well. Furthermore, invent your own standard value, what kind of humanity you want to be. Since only you, yourself, who can determine how your life is going to be.


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