Future Leader Summit: Great Moment to Start Having Entrepreneurship Mindset

Past April, 22th I joined one of awesome event in Semarang, Undip exactly. The name of the event is Future Leader Summit. This event is such kinda summit moment that is gathering all of future leaders from some cities in Indonesia to make some project by given some knowledge before. There are so many project topics here, yet these future leader only can choose one of them that related with their passion. And I chose  “Business and Development” which is not caused because of my passion yet because the speakers are so inspiring for me. At that time Kak Mohammad Iqbal and Kang Goris Mustaqim.


Conference Room

The simple rundown of this event is, first we had such a seminar with a keynote speaker, Iman Usman that truly motivated all of participants in order to make a change. Then, after the keynote speaker all of participant go to the each rooms they chose (room here means a place that one project topic be conducted, both seminar and the workshop project) and met with some people who had the same passion.

Since I chose business development I directly went to the location in the second floor of the building at that time. First time I entered the room, the atmosphere was truly different. All people ahead of my face at there such showed the aura of the real entrepreneur, Haha. Yet, even though it hears like a little exaggerating, I really feels (not an aura of course) that what made me deserve to enter this room compared with the other competence participants. I still have a little passion in entrepreneurship, and also I still have no more corporation that can be proud of. Yet I ensure myself, that it was not too important because I still have an aching wish to know more about the entrepreneurship.

Finally, after met with some of new friends from the other cities and listened the seminar from inspiring speaker kak Iqbal and Kang Goris.. I just recently realized the main important point of the entrepreneurship. Indonesia population growing extremely fast each years and the people that need the job are also increased coincide with a few job field available, final words causes the jobless. So here, collegian like me who has a little higher degree in the eyes of civilians has to be the main actor in the movement to go to better Indonesia. We are the main role to enlarge the job field in Indonesia. We are the ones who should increase the GDP of Indonesia. And we are the ones who must change the percentage of the Indonesia entrepreneur that in dawn couldn’t reach the number 1% to be the number more than 2%. Because, the number 2% is the minimal percentage in order to make Indonesia more independent at least in job sector.

Kang Goris explain about Indonesia and Entrepreneurship.

So here, I change all of my mindset especially the vision what I am going to be for the future. Although perhaps I will choose to work first to search the experience or continue my education to higher level first than go to entrepreneurship world, or directly to be entrepreneur after the graduation… but the main goal that I want to reach is still one that want to be the entrepreneur that gives the contribution for Indonesia and the world. So from this Future Leader Summit moment, I will start to dig more about the entrepreneurship knowledge and have the entrepreneurship mindset for the next of my life. InsyaAllah. :)

PS: Ohya, the matters and the knowledge I got from this FLS, insyaAllah I will share in my next posting. So keep it up. :)


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