Re(fresh)start a Change

Around one month already vacuum to share and write in this blog again! Of course that was followed by reasons what made me to do that actually not too good thing. Since I decrease my chance to contribute more for the change through the words I made.

However, one of the reasons why I never published any post here around past month was because the chain of mid semester tests attacked continuously along week to week. Beside I also had some responsibilities in some organizations and event’s committee. In addition the results of my first mid semester test had already informed to us. So, those results actually the main reason (do not try to ask me what are the results!!) of my “studious bookworm month”.

Skipp the other topics, that finally I just finished those chains of test just a couple of days ago. So it’s time to re(fresh)start wandering my lifeline to be more useful for surrounding coincide with seeking and creating much opportunities to get more involve in the floor of change beside those books and calculator stuffs that I met in everyday before. :)

We still have a long road to walk


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