itb Earth Hour 2011 Commemoration. What an Amazing Moment!

“Exactly! Yesterday night was the most awesome moment I got along my life in itb!”

March 26nd 2011 was the day when the earth hour be commemorated. The global agreement had been accepted, in that day, along 1 hour, we turn off all the electricity stuff (especially lamp) to give the earth a time to stop crying a moment. And what exactly the real act of itb civilians? As the high awareness of all civitas academica in itb, we went together to CC Timur (East Campus Center) to see the blackout of itb in one hour as the circumstantial proof we do support the earth hour.

20.30 o’clock, the committee who initiated this earthhour movement, turned off all light in itb leaving the darkness cover all the place and building. The only ones light were the candles that were brought by us, the luckiest collegian who still had one hour leisure time to come to itb commemorating the earth hour 2011.

At that wonderful time, there were some candles which shaped the number 60 in the floor of CC timur lighted the performance of some associations (Himpunan) who still took the awareness of the earth. Really, it was one of rare brilliant moment once in a year when the source light in itb only came from the light of candles we brought for earthhour 2011.

Earth Hour 2011 in itb. Superb!

After the performance, each of us grabbed a candle and moved to the road together. Yap, absolutely, we were gonna plan to shape the bigger number of 60 where the dots of that number are us, civitas academica who stood and took our candles up to shine the number 60. Well, the plan was work! All of people who came to itb at that time must never forget about this. We were included a few from billions people who still care the energy and the earth the most. Finally we did it, and I hope I can get the picture so I can upload in this blog asap.

participating to write in comment wall, as the support of #EarthHour 2011

And after one hour, we close the ceremonial with our highest greeting, Salam Ganesha, led by president of KM itb kak Herry Dharmawan with our strongest voice jarred the whole of itb.

Untuk Tuhan! Bangsa! dan Alamamater! Salam Ganeshaaa… Mulai!

Bam, itb lightout!


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