Secure and Healthy Internet: Hacking Revealed


Well, actually it was my past event happened in August 28th 2010. I joined a free seminar entitles “Secure and Healthy Internet: Hacking Revealed” which is conducted by ATLAS ComLabs ITB. It was one of the chain events by ATLAS in the year 2010 which has the vision to give the Orientation, Technology, Service and Information system for the participant. Yap, it’s all about technology!

This seminar was free so we didn’t pay any expenses. That’s one of my reason why I wanted to join despite throwing out my other important schedules. This seminar was divided into 3 interesting parts, and each of them are really a must to be known especially for collegian who are taking School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (SEEI) itb like me.

The speakers in this seminar were:

1. Onno W Purbo (Indonesian Internet Sire)

2. Doni B.U. (Founder of and

3. Gita Surya Wijaya (Education Program Manager)

The participants were from varieties status. General, students and collegians were the ones who came inside to listen and absorb every knowledge from the mouth of speaker. One of them whom accidentally I saw was from SMK plus Pratama Adi, one of the best vocational high school in Bandung. And furthermore the head of USDI Comlabs itb were also involved to enliven this huge IT seminar.

The first session was filled by Pak Doni B.U who greatly presented about healthy internet. From blocking the forbidden site for child until how to use internet wisely moreover using social networking like facebook or twitter. He shared some sites which were so useful related with healthy internet:

or you could know more here:

For the second session, Pak Ono [] began to share some of his knowledge about “Hacking”. Though about hacking, he brought this case with sense of humor from him. Everyone in that room couldn’t stop laughing when he let fly funny words from his mouth. Lol.

Yet, behind them he was so serious when talking about hacking. He showed us how to hack one of computer server using backtrack software. “It is one of the freeware which could be grabbed here: by using Linux operating system. In addition he also shared how to hack windows’ password through here: Then, in order to make the participant became more interested, he brought 2 Laptops and showed how to do hack in front all of our eyes using backtrack. It was so admirably amazing, you know!

Pak Onno when presented hacking one of computer server


And for the 3rd session was turn for Pak Gita Surya Wijaya explained about the future of IT. He told us how IT amended from year to years, what are such the great IT companies all over the world, the people behind that and anything which are related with IT. One of them he told about the quotes of the IT legend, here there are [in Indonesia Language]:

Google : “Kumpulan orang-orang berotak kiri terbanyak di dunia. Dan anda tidak boleh jahat”

Microsoft: “Banyak orang pintar tapi tidak cukup cerdas untuk masuk microsoft”

Apple: “Desainer lebih penting dari Engineer”

Intel: “Kita harus paranoid untuk memenangkan persaingan”

Facebook: “Kemungkinan facebook akan menggantikan email pada tahun 2014”

Cool is it?? These are still five quotes from the biggest IT legends in nowadays, not all. It truly inspired me. Therefore for the questions session, I tried to be more involved by giving a question. I asked:

As we know when we’re hacking, big probability we would be detected by the computer target through his “anti-hacking” software. Then the biggest risk our I.P address would be caught. What I want to ask is, How to do an “unnoticed hacking”, without being detected by the computer target of course? Thanks.

I went back to my chair after standing and giving that question. With sense of humor, Pak Onno directly answered:

That is impossible to be undetected by the computer target. If you want you could borrow your friends’ computer and do hacking through that. Lol. [with some of audience laughing]

Pak onno continued it.

Well, if you really don’t want yout IP address be found by the computer target, what you have to do is using intermediary computer. So you gotta hack one computer first, then you do hacking through that computer. Simple is it?

I just could silent and gaped heard Pak Onno talking about hacking 2 computers coincide easily. Well anyway let’s you think about that by yourself. Back to the seminar. After the question session, something beyond my minds came. The MC called the five people who gave questions before to the upper stage. And since it was one of the biggest seminar IT in ITB, so the questioner got the price each of them. And luckily I was the one who got one flash-disk and genuine “Norton Internet Security” for one year. What a chance! Alhamdulillah.


One thought on “Secure and Healthy Internet: Hacking Revealed

  1. salam.pergh,nnti abg ajar sya cara nak hack komputer.sya nk kntoikn org2 yg hack sya dlu.hacker 2 amik maklumat dri sya.

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