AIESEC Recruitment (Part I)

A moment ago, I just joined the recruitment for new AIESEC members. AIESEC LC Bandung exactly. First we have to pay 10.000 IDR to buy the form. The deadline for us to give it back to the AIESEC committee is today, August 27th 2010. In the form there are some questions that have relation with personality, life, vision and future. I think it’ll be better if I post in this blog while hoping it can inspire others.  I will divide into two parts.  These questions are the first part, just check them out:

Please describe your strength and weakness! And how do you eliminate your weakness?

I am a sociable people who has a little of humorous sense. That is why until now I cannot count how many friends I get. I have the artistic side too therefore I do love drawing and designing. Yet, I think I do not have a big confidence to speak before public. That is a big weakness I have meanwhile, my big ambition is to be a leader which really needs the public speaking skill.

Leadership, the one we need for great future

Public Speaking. The Important Soft Skill

But, by the time runs, I succeed to eliminate this big weakness through my desire to change and my ambition to be a leader. I have my incredible parent, friends, teachers and people near me who always encourage me to be better. So I take my desire up and try to be brave to speak before public. I try to be the head of class, active in OSIS and other organizations and dare to speak in front of other people. Therefore I am truly sure now that public speaking is no longer one of my weaknesses but it has already changed to be my strength as my way to be the next leader.

What is your ultimate life ambition? Please explain! And what have you done to achieve that ambition?

My biggest ambition for just now is go abroad through scholarship. This is want I very want to achieve in this moment. I am so regret actually, because you know, the desire to go abroad and get knowledge out there has just showed up when I have already been 3rd grade of senior high school. Perhaps other people can say here that I have already too late to do this. But unfortunately I don’t give up as fast as other people think.

Start from 3rd grade of SHS I try to search as much as information about scholarships, exchange programs and etc. And until now I am still on my way to achieve that. Those are included why I want to join AIESEC, since I want to open my chance gate as wide as possible to go abroad.

What do you want to achieve on the next 5 years? Please explain!

In the next five years my goals are: first is go entering MIT with the scholarship and succeed graduated from there with satisfactory results, since I really want to be the engineer for my future. Besides that, I also aim to be the president of one big youth organization which moves in global issues and technology. Then, I will lead and encourage all of youth in Indonesia to be engaged in this organization and make Indonesia be the one of the most influence countries in the world especially for youth movement.


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