Holiday Project: Parpasultan

Palembang Youth Education Group

After going back from Bandung for awhile, I spent my time in Palembang (again) to enjoy the holiday before starting the “real” life to be collegian. Actually I thought that I will be a jobless again since I have nothing to do in that holiday. But It all changed when Dewi Ariesi chatted me via Facebook chatting. She said that she and Kak Rinna Santi had discussed to make such a youth organization of which moves in Education sector.

Well, I did agree directly. Beside in here I would not be a jobless anymore, I also want from so long to be involved more even be the founder in making one of youth organization. From there we all three began the movement in order to implement our ideas to be real realization. So I, Dewi and Kak Santi did a chat via YM, talked about how to start this youth organization. And finally for the beginning we made a page in Facebook entitled “Palembang Youth Education Group” which aimed to help forward the education in Palembang. From this page we got so many people “like” (in here means join) our page.

Making such a Youth Organization

Looked like there are so many youth activist whom like this page, terminally Afif Izzatullah which is me initiated to make a bigger and real youth organization. So I began to make a note in Facebook with title: Make an Organization, anyone’s interested ? Not long after that, a blast responses I got. Many of my friends were interested to join and make one of youth organization regional Palembang. Having got those response, I directly decided to do a meeting in someplace in Palembang to discuss about our real action to establish this youth organization. Furthermore I succeeded to unite 11 youths to meet in a “first meeting” in foodcourt PTC (A such historical place for our organization be established).

Well, short story after the first meeting be conducted, we continued our movement regularly toward 2nd meeting and so on after finally we got the suitable name for our youth organization. That is

PARPASULTAN which stands for Parlemen Pemuda Sumatera Selatan

Or if we translate to English it will be “South Sumatera Youth Parliament”. Cool is it? yeah, indeed! after that because it still a newbie organization, so we decided to form a provisional structure committee.  And proudly I was appointed to be the first president of ParpaSultan in 1st period of this newbie youth organization. Well as first president I’m more active to contribute in developing this organization. As results We  on eventually succeeded make the official blog, twitter and new group FB. And then we also got the official logo for Parpasultan.

Day to days this organization amended and began to get many members and committee. And the summit was when kak Rinna Santi came back to Palembang from Jakarta as representative of South Sumatera in Indonesian Youth Conference (IYC). Kak Santi shared and gave us so many experience from there, included a project of which she gotta accomplish as a task from IYC. Because the support of all parpasultan committee-members,

One person gives one book

that kak Santi’s project became our first project which enrolled in Education Sector with kak Santi as a head of this project. That project entitled:

One Day One Person One Book

The main purpose of this project is to get many proper-used books in with way each one person contributes one book in one day. Those books we get will be used to open a free-library for under privileged  Palembang people, especially kids  to increase the interest of reading (Click the link above to know more). This project has been being worked by all committee of Parpasultan nowadays. The progress looks so fast, from making proposal, seeking some financial supports and sponsors, designing the poster and brochure and so many progress we have fulfilled until now. And you know what is the best lesson from all this story? that is:

Proudly I say I am not a jobless anymore. Yes I am a full-job employee which all my times are stuffed by many meaningful events.

I'm not a jobless anymore

From be a founder of this organization, I begin my life as a new title that is “Activist”. Yes I am now a passionate activist whom doesn’t wait for the opportunities but I create those opportunities. I also ask you, all youths whom read this blog, let’s start from now on. Don’t waste your youth time with something that means nothing for your future. Don’t be late, even if you are already feel late, think that “late is better than never”. So start from now on to be ther agent of change by fulfilling your time with something meaningful.

At last I Proudly said “Holiday Mission is accomplished”.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Project: Parpasultan

  1. Thanks for being willing to cooperate.

    semoga organisasi ini bisa semakin maju dan melaksanakan serta mewujudkan apa yang menjadi cita-cita kita bersama. Amiiin.

    Succes for us, guys!

    • Yap, welcome ;) The success of this organization depends on you all actually who are still able in Palembang. Don’t stop upon this 1st project only, but you have to continue with other creative projects then. Best luck for you all, just keep going!

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