The (Last) Debate before Going to Bandung

Yeah It was actually just lower grade debate (just little debate). Nothing’s special from this if compared with my friends’ experience that have reached National grade debate. But this’s more than special for me since it is “the last” and “the best” enough for me.

It promptly was happened on last Saturday, May 29th 2010. When I was asked (again) to join Global debate contest of which had entered the semifinal round. But unfortunately one of our speaker couldn’t come because of a bit hindrance, so we got a substitution speaker, Fetri, a girl, of which had passed level 6 at GELC (Global English Language Center) like us too, to be our 2nd speaker.

Here,  I was appointed as the 1st speaker firstly by Senji (our team 1st speaker before). But how, even the definition I had not defined it yet anymore. So finally, After discussion (not too long) we decided, Senji was gonna be first and I would take the last part, the 3rd speaker, which was my most comfortable place though, hehe. ;)

The motion we got was a little bit awkward actually, that was:

TH Should Allow the Same Gender Couple

Same Gender is Love problem

Lol. A motion that I think will make the humanity is gonna be extinct, right? haha. Moreover, our team stood as Government team which forced us to do agree with this motion. What the.. ! How could I must support homosexual and lesbian couple. It completely did against me! Yet how, the circumstance asked us to do agree with this d*mn motion so we had to abide it.

Three of us directly did brainstorming of this. Of course I promptly propose that we needed bring this to Uta (United States) of which there were already existed the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans-gender) community at there. Fetri had already got the data which was to build our case, that was about suicide’s case which was done by SGC (Same Gender Couple) in Uta. Human rights also was totally clear stated that everybody could choose their own way to live. I as the third speaker also already got the more example about this case that is Milwaukee LGBT community that had already existed in Milwaukee state in Uta. So everything was done. We did ready for the debate, with a little worry because we were positive in this case.

But the reality was so far of my vision before. The debate was not tough at all, without any conceited meaning honestly I said:

It was easy for my team to defeat this semifinal’s opponent.

Even, our team felt:

it was more difficult when we fight against the quarterfinal’s opponent”

Easy enough

Dunno why this team could pass and reach the semifinal, but as we thought before, the result was “we won the debate” (yeah!). My first speaker, Senji was so brilliant  bringing our case and solution. Either did Fetri. But vice versa with our opponent, they really didn’t respond ours even they gave so many “fatal” statements in their speech. How was not? They told us they will increase the SGC, and give the “exception” to them which did really support us in this case. Yeah, it was too easy for me to give rebuttal and break the case at last.

I gave the rebuttal to them in my speech:

“Umm.. I don’t know, whether our opponent perhaps were misspeaking their statements or not but unfortunately, my ear just heard that they stated that ” they will increase the SGC” and “give the exception to them” which actually those totally support ours, right? Also, they just explained “nothing” to us, without any evidence and strong arguments, even until now I got nothing about their solution that unfortunately the never discussed about that, “at all”.

I said in the end of my speech for the last:

“Well, adjudicator and the member of this house. We actually have known who will be the winner here, with every single fatal and unclear statements that negative team has been told about and how strong our arguments which were uttered from my first until me, the last speaker. Therefore I shout to all member of this house that we as the opposition team do believe this motion should stand until the end of this debate. Thank You!”

Getting Clapping hands from Audiences really encourages us

After that I came back to my chair coincided with the clapping hands from all distinguished audiences around.

Terminally, we come to the end of this debate. The adjudicator stood ahead to give the comments and decide which team will be the winner. He firstly commented about what  happened in this debate until the comments of our performance before. From first speaker of opposition team, till the third speaker of negative team. And then he came to talk about me:

“Yeah, not really much comment. I really appreciate with your perform before. You did really give us every strong arguments of your team and rebutt the negative team nicely. I like your way of speaking.”

Only that, but really I was so glad being praised by adjudicator and the last the adjudicator announced our team won the debate. “And for the best speaker..” he shouted “come to..

The last speaker of opposition team, Mr. Muhammad Afif Izzatullah . Congratulation!

Best Speaker: A little pride of myself

Yeah, what I did just smiling and said thank you to Senji and Fetri and never forget to the Almighty God. Although it was not top grade debate (just in Global English Course) but at least it will motivate me to move forward for the next. So inwardly I felt:

This is really the best for the last*


*The last debate before going to Bandung of course, not the last ever. Because I hope and believe it will not be my last it will just be my beginning, haha (over :p) Yeah That is all. ;)


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