Final Decision: Bandung Institute of Technology

Alhamdulillah, a great gate for my bright future has been opened by The Almighty to continue my Bachelor study as a Collegian at Bandung Institute of Technology. After taking my graduation from my senior high school number 17, I can step to go out from there with big pride as alumnus of Acceleration class by bringing a gratified National Examination’s result.

Million of gratitude I extend to my parent whom never stop supporting and praying me to get the best life; all my senior high school’s teachers whom have given me infinities knowledge of which I will keep along my life eternity; my friends whom have supported me, made me smile and been such kind-friends by these 2 years before; and others with lot of helpings you’ve given to me, I can’t live without you. Thanks and sorry for everything that honestly I cannot do the same to you all entirely. Thanks a lot! ;)

Now, let me enter a new world. A new world with more obstacles than my world before. Yes that is being a Collegian. And Alhamdulillah, a moment ago I’ve been accepted as one of collegian at School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (Sekolah Elektro Informatika, STEI) – Bandung Institute of Technology (Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITB).

I’m so delighted can continue my study at this one of the best Institute in Indonesia. Even, this institute which was founded on March 2nd 1959, has the main campus which is the site of earlier engineering schools in Indonesia. ITB is included as an old and historical institute. First name of ITB was De Techniche Hoogeschool te Bandung, established July 3rd 1920, had only one faculty named de Faculteit van Technische Wetenschap and one major too, named de afdeeling der Weg en Waterbouw. Supported with firm ideas and convictions by spirit of Proclamation of Independence, government of Indonesia officially established the existence of ITB on March 2nd 1959. Until now this institute which has a motto “In Harmonia Progressio” (Latin : Progress in Harmony), keep growing and be one of the best Institute in Indonesia. [more about ITB: English | Indonesia]

Technische Hooge School 1929

Bandung Campus in 1950

Fortunately, I got School of Electrical and Informatics (STEI) in ITB of which is eligible with my interest and proclivity. STEI ITB was officially established on January 1st 2006, is a merger of two regarded departments in ITB, Electrical Engineering and Informatics Department. STEI ITB has been instituting bachelor of engineering program on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (Sarjana Teknik S1), Sarjana in Electrical Engineering and Sarjana in Informatics, each of which is to be conducted within 8 semesters consisting of 144 semester credits. Moreover, STEI ITB also institutes Master Program (S2) and Doctorate Program (S3). But in here I’m taking the bachelor engineering for my bachelor degree (S1). STEI ITB has vision and mission which put down here:


To be a higher educational institution of developing competitive and outstanding science Electrical engineering and Informatics in Indonesia, acknowledged in the world and having active participating within efforts to expand and achieve social welfare.


  1. To provide high education and continuous education in Electrical Engineering and Informatics by using communication and information technology toward creative communities.
  2. To promote current technology (State of The Art) and develop Electrical Engineering and Informatics science through innovative research activities.
  3. To disseminate science, technology and view/knowledge of Electrical Engineering and Informatics possessed by society through its alumnae, partnership with industry or other institutions and through activities of service to community program to form wise and technological society.

[Source and Know more STEI:]

In ITB, I am signed as 2010 generation (Angkatan ’10), since I’ll begin taking college at this year, 2010. From next august on, I’m gonna take OSPEK and start to wander collegian’s life. Getting this institute is included the one of my 2010 resolutions, means I’ve already accomplished it.

Actually it spends much enough my parent’s finance to pay the expense, therefore I promise in my heart: I will fully do my best struggle in here to get the pride graduation and get the bright future for making proud them (Aaamiinn!).

With Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I hope it will be my best final-decision by taking college in one of the best institute in Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology__School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics! Aaamiiinn! :D

“In Harmonia Progressio”

Ceremonial Hall by architect Henri Maclaine-Pont

ITB’s Campus

[Know More ITB: Web(English) | Web(Indonesia) | Facebook:ITB | @itbOfficial ]




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