We Are Inseparable!!

Hei Guys Alhamdulillah finally I and my other “7th generation of acceleration class” Senior High School Number 17’s friends reach our last-year to be proudly graduated and (InsyaAllah) will be collegian after this! Our graduation result is going to be announced on Monday, 26th of April 2010, as a result of our National Examination. And of course we all hope, none will be failed (Aamiin!).

Before the National Examination’s result will be announced, in last yesterday Thursday, we all 3rd grade students SHS number 17, conducted such kind a “farewell-party” at hall of 17 SHS. This party was like a formal ceremony to extricate the 3rd grade students and also as a symbolic-evidence that they’ve already passed from Senior High School Number 17. Furthermore, this party was also used as separation-moment for all 3rd grade students, included me, and would be a tremendously unforgettable event among us.

We, as an Acceleration Class Student, also joined this farewell party. All of us presented in hall of 17 SHS, joined the party, played in band, and took such kind a reminiscence photos at that time. Terminally, we all didn’t want said this party was a “farewell” party. Because we all truly believed:

We’re never separated, moreover because of this graduation, since we’ve already been INSEPARABLE inwardly, as one part, that’s 7th generation of acceleration Class, Senior High School Number 17

Beneath it all, it’s not primarily just among us, the acceleration class, yet we, all students of acceleration class and all the members of 11th generation 3rd grade in SHS17 are already very extremely INSEPARABLE. We never separate, since a friendship-chain has already fasten us up and never been untied Ever..


Success For Us !! :D


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