Passed! Scholarship Program in Bakrie School Management

A day of which I very like. Because, after waiting for many result announcement from University Test that I had already joined, finally I got one and perhaps a very good one report among them. It’s about BSM (Bakrie School Management) test result announcement.

It’s really beyond my expectation actually. Since I just joined this test and never thought whether I will pass or not. But I can’t run from the fact, that I truly want and expect in order to apply this university moreover their scholarship program. So after joined this test, I really look forward for the announcement, and on eventually :

Alhamdulillah! I succeeded passing the scholarship program in Information Technology (Teknik Informatika) majoring of  Bakrie School Management (BSM). Thank God!

The chronology :

Today, my friends said to me that the result of BSM test had already announced, yet they didn’t know where it is. So I opened Website of BSM  ( and expected the result had already showed up. As a matter of fact, it had already announced! I directly opened the link, and downloaded the result of “Information Technology” majoring in PDF file. A little moment, I waited for the downloading till finished while still afraid thinking how if I don’t pass.

Terminally, the download had been finished. I opened it lineally, scrolled it down and tried to find my name in Scholarship program list.  Alhamdulillah! I found my name:

The List

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! I very thank to the God that has given me this a very remarkable result. I don’t know whether I’ll take it or not, yet at least, I have already had one chair of university for my lustrous future. :D


7 thoughts on “Passed! Scholarship Program in Bakrie School Management

  1. weis…
    congrats bro…
    keren bae kw pip..
    hebat lho bso dpet beasiswa BSM tu…

    trakrir bdk2 aksel ooo…
    futsal be jdilah..

  2. hei fif, it is a good news!!

    you will be in the good environment to study more about management,,,
    wish you will succeed there,,, amin… :D

    anyway, don’t miss to join english debate society in BSM!
    due to it seems to me that BSM has a great debate club,,
    i know it,,,

    good luck!

    (please, follow my blog!! hahhahaha)

    • Alhamdulillah kak.
      It’s really beyond my expectation by getting this scholarship. But, I’m also still waiting for the result from other PTN, like itb, ui or ugm, so I don’t know whether I’ll take BSM or not.

      Yet okee, if next I truly apply this scholarship, I’ll look for the debate club and train my english more. Just pray for me to get my best university kak! Thanks ;)

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