Happy Day with My Cousins

I and My Cousins

1st January ’10, the first day of this year, I spent my time to go to my grandma’s house. It was all because my uncle had a new child, and must be “marhaban” or cut a bit of the baby’s hair like usual done by other new child in Islam. Marhaban did in Saturday night, so I and herewith my big family were getting stuck to prepare many preparation for marhaban in friday. But in this post, I would just write my experiences when I spent my times with my cousins and not discussed about marhaban’s day. So in here I’ll show you when I and my very cute, kind, witty and great cousin spending time with chatting, watching together, and taking photos for reminiscence.

Beneath it all, I didn’t to remember the complete name of my cousins, since I was lazy to use left brain to memorize their name, but I prefer used right brain to memorize their face (ha ha criteria of lazy person). Since I have so many cousins in my big family, so in here I just tell some of them that I think they are interesting for me. So here we are, check it out:

1. Lili

This is my cutest cousins among us I thought. She is the youngest child of my aunt from 4 siblings. We usually call her “Yiyi”, I don’t know, maybe because her tongue couldn’t talked yet, so she always call herself with nickname Yiyi. It’s little awkward. But, you know, it’s really willy freaky hard to take her photo, moreover with me. She always move, or cry if I try to take photo of her. Crying is a mainstay weapon of her if someone wanna try to disturb her. But because of my talent as a professional photographer (ha ha :P), I could take her photo, and even I could ask her styled, when I take my camera front of her. You want to know more, how does her face look like? or How cute she is? or how handsome I am? (:P) Well Let’s watch it out:

2. Ing-ga

His name is Lingga bla bla bla.. (as I told before I don’t know my cousin’s complete name). He is elder brother of Lili. And I think, he is really different with his sister, Because you know He is the naughtiest person among my cousins *I thought. He always disturb and arrogate whatever we’re doing and whatever we’re having. So no wonder, if many of my other cousins are crying because of his done. But sometimes I realize that he is not too as naughty as I thought, because he ever lend me his comic, share his game in computer and many again that make us like intimate. And because of that, I often take many photos with him. There we are:

3. Fadil

He has white skin and little chubby. Because of that, it makes him very farcical and amusing for me. He is still enough, and don’t like too much talking, but if we’re talking about Naruto or games relations with Naruto, he always prattle hard stopping. Yup, he is fond of Naruto and other anime like One Piece, doraemon and etc let in comic, film, animation and games. I also took some photos with him, here they are (the red cloth one):

4. Noval

He is still small, couldn’t walk and talk yet, but He is very cute moreover when he is smiling or laughing. Hm, I very want to pinch his cheek when he is smiling with all of my fingers. But the problem from him is he often crying, whenever there is no his parents beside him. So it’s really hard going alongside him without my uncle (his parent) beside us. But I don’t know why, one of solution to make him motionless, with way bring him to go on by car. So although there is no his parent beside him, if we just take him inside car he will quiet without any movement show us he want to cry. Because of that, when we go by car with Noval, it’s the only chance for me to take his photo. And finally I won out take his photos. :D

5. Della

Her nickname is Della, but I don’t know her complete name. She is still elementary high school and happy girl I think. She always smiling with shows her black and broken teeth inside of her mouth (ha ha). Because of that, she is always shamed whenever I take a camera front of her, and she is in smiling, along of it will show her black and holing teeth. But she is sweet and beautiful little girl, So I proud to take photo together with her (lol). There I and She:

6. Iman

The last cousin I’ll write about is Iman. He is still elementary school too. He is handsome enough I think. I like the style when he is talking, it’s cool :P. In my grandma’s house he always use microphone to talk and sing with my other cousin breezy. So it whoop it up. But I also accomplish get photos with him:

I think six above of my cousins enough represent among them. But in here I will give Bonus Pictures in this post. *ha ha it’s really not important. Yup but I think I have to show this. Even though the tittle of this post is happy day with my cousin. But I also want show you my private photos with no cousins at all (ha ha). Here we are. Enjoy it :D :D


7 thoughts on “Happy Day with My Cousins

    • Woo, sangat bagus malah de banyak “aku”nya. lol.
      Yup de, lumayan rame, cuma belom terlalu rame sih, sepupu aku belom banyak yg dateng itu kalo udah pada dateng semua, gak muat rumah nenek aku de. hehe :p

    • haha emang lucu2 sensei sepupu aku, samalah kayak aku. lol Terutama yang masih kecil, imut2 sensei hehe jadi enak banget kumpul bareng ma mereka.
      Diculik? ga boleh kayaknya, disewakan boleh *loh? haha. lol

  1. GokiiLL…afif bs nulis..I’m not sure with that bloody pretty writting..tp syg muji diri nya overload..sok keren!!wkwkwk…overall..siip fif..baguusssh..jgn lpa dtg ya klo ms undang ma yg laen!!

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