My Parent’s Haj Pilgrimage 2009

7th November – 19th December 2009 was a very admirably big historical event for my parent. Because after waiting along year to years, finally my parent could go to the sacred city Mecca to do haj pilgrimage (Naik Haji). Go haj is the 5th “Pillars of Islam” (Rukun Islam) that Muslims have to do as they can since that’s one of obligatory for adequate people. Because of reason above, my parents plan to go haj in 2009, and Alhamdulillah it’s reached.

7th November 2009

Today was Saturday that my parents leaved us to go haj. But I was actually very regret, I couldn’t accompany and take away them to pilgrim hostel (asrama haji) because I had to join a scientific paper competition at that time. But it was no problem, since I had said goodbye and prayed them one day before departure. But in 7th September my parent hadn’t gone yet to take off to Mecca but then still in Palembang in pilgrim hostel.

In Pusri mosque, seconds before leaving

8th November 2009

At present was a day that all of haj people from Bisri (my parent’s haj group) took off to Mecca. They went to airport first and prepared for flying. And promptly at 2.30 pm or 10.30 a.m in Arab, they took off by plane to go to Jedah, Saudi Arabia.

In Pilgrim Hostel

09th-14th November 2009

Arrived in Jedah, My parent and kloter’s friend (kelompok terbang) went by bus to go to Mecca. Around 00.00 o’clock they arrived in Maktab, Mecca, to take rooms distribution for living and taking rest in Mecca. In Mecca my parent did many religious service. The first and foremost of all, they went to Masjidil Harom to do tawaf, sunnah prayers, tahalul and etc. From 10-14th November, all of pilgrim did routine religious service in Masjidil Harom in order to get “mabrur pilgrimage“.

Met Iraqi

15th-23th November 2009

In these days, all of pilgrim concomitant did pilgrimage to Arafat (Ziarah ke Arafah), musdalifah, mina, Jabal Rachman and etc. “Because of this compact schedule, that’s why I think pilgrim has to prepare let physic and mental condition, because not a bit people dying when do haj because of weak physic and destiny”. We’re back to story. After did so many religious service, my parent moved to seek sacrificing animal for “dam”. My parents bought a camel with cost 300 real or 900.000 rupiah for dam. That was the end of 23th November 2009

Seeking camel

24th-25th November 2009

Preparation to go to Arafat was being done by pilgrim today.  At 15.00 all of them, first did an intention and ihrom sunnah prayers before going to Arafat. After that all of pilgrim were distributed into many groups and went inside bus according to their groups respectively. And around 18.00 they all arrived in Arafat tent and did Maghrib and isya praying before they went to rest.

26th November 2009

Today was a day that my parents and other did wukuf  in Arafat. Among of them began wukuf at 12.oo am continue with wukuf’s khotbah and praying by theirselve until 18.00 pm. At 19.00 they went to Musdalifah to do mabit and looking for stone/rock to used in Lontar jumroh next day. After did all things all of them stand line to get bus to go to Mina.

Wukuf Arafat

Wukuf Arafat

27th November 2009

The first day for Lontar Jumroh. After arriving in Mina, all of pilgrim took a rest while waiting for Lontar Jumroh Aqobah announcement. Began at 3.00 pm, the first lontar jumroh in Aqobah was started. All of them move all at once to throw small rock to do Lontar Jumroh Aqobah. After that, among them do tahalul for Idul Adha preparation.

Lontar Jumroh

28th-30th November 2009

These three days, my parent do the second until the forth Lontar jumroh Ula, Asta, and Aqobah. Those were very tired days for my parents, because of that they directly took a rest in tent or went directly to Mecca in the afternoon. At 11.00 my parent finishing the worship series and did tawaf ifadah before they’d go back to Maktab.

1th-15th December 2009

The haj worship schedule almost end until this day. My parent did Tawaf Wada’ in Mecca and did Arbain obligatory prayers 40 times in Madina. After that, All of pilgrim included my parent went to Jeda to prepare to go back to Indonesia via jedah.

Tawaf Wada’

16th-18th December 2009

All these ending days were free before they would go back to Indonesia. Pilgrimage in jeda and Laut Merah, Packing cases, getting zam-zam water and getting Al-Quran and other souvenirs when they went inside to the plane. And promptly 01.15 wib or 11.15 saudi arabia’s time, the plane took off to Indonesia from jeda, step away foot from the sacred city Mecca to go back to Indonesia and meet us as hope would get Mabrur Pilgrimage 2009. Aaamiiin :D

Front of Bus

19th December 2009

The plane arrived in SMB II airport Palembang and as fast as all of pilgrim included my parent were going by bus with destination Pusri mosque with tears and contentment to meet their family again after 40 days seperated not meet each other. Alhamdulillah. :D


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