Ordinary Boy Who Pursue Happiness

My name is Muhammad Afif Izzatullah.

It’s carved to me when I was delivered to this complicated world. That fabulous name is given by my beloved parents by the first time cause I’m the first child of them.

I have happy family who always there for me whatever the situation and condition I feel by. They are:

  • My Father                 Drs. H. Imam Mahfudh
  • My Mother                Hj. Rosanah, S.Ag.
  • 1st Sister                 Sania Rifa Zaharadina
  • 2nd Sister                Annisa Salsabilla

I’m just ordinary people who have an extraordinary ambition. My family is not too rich or poor, we are just standard family who pursue happiness in this world. As a first child I have responsibility at least to lead my two young sisters to walk in the true line. Although I occasionally clash with them but it is never mind as we still love each other and soon get well relationship again.

I’m usual clever enough person who always want to smile every day. I grew up and be Junior High School and Senior High School student. I very thank to God because the environment in my home and school changes me become a good person. Now I’m more mature and can think more rationally. I am an independent person who like motivate myself to establish my path way to be a good person. I mostly manage my own business by myself as I can do it, because I don’t want burden my parent and be a good son. Since I ever lived in dormitory and traveled alone I’ve learned to socialize and being independent enough to take care of myself.

If with my friends, I also have both bad and good personality. My friends describe me that I’m disturbing people, critic and etc. But they also think that I’m a funny person, could be ask for cooperate (in discussion), kind, creative, clever enough, and so on. But I’ll struggle certainly to close bad attitude door and open as wide as the good attitude door in my life. Because I’m conscious that I’m just a usual human that couldn’t be a perfect one.

Most people said I look like my mother let in physic and behavior. I am so close with my mother and father because our family is a democracy family that everybody could say every problem and sharing with each other. In my home, I sometimes help to do daily assignment, but just in small part. For example: tidying and cleaning my room, washing my motorcycle, cleaning the bathroom, ironing my cloths, and washing my dish after eating. But all of those things rarely I do if I have some busy assignment from my school.

I’m so grateful have a kind parent who always takes after me and cares about me. Without them I’m zero, but because them too I can be a hero. When I have some troubles in my school they always beside me. With their precious words I always get many advices that very help me to do something about my future. So what I have to do now, requite all of their merits that have been given to me with be an independent person and be a success person who make happy my parent without burden them anymore.

Along my entire life, I interested with many things actually. It could be divided into 3 parts: sports, education and entertainment. In sports; playing badminton, basketball, soccer and swimming are the top one that I most interested in. If education; I very like with math, drawing, science and researching. Therefore I join extracurricular with named KIR, that’s a researcher club. I also like music, playing guitar, reading, writing, and internet in my entertainment part.

As I have too many interests, so I more spend my times in my school and my other club. In my school I join KIR extracurricular (a Researcher Club) like I said before because I very like with writing. We are all people who like researching gather in this club and we usually join competition from city till national grade. Beside that KIR also trains our skill to make scientific paper for college later. Until now I’ve written more than 10 scientific paper. These all are result of my struggling and sweats in my beloved KIR club.

For sport I join basketball club since I’m tall enough than my others friends. I also ever had joined PUSRI swimming and badminton club when I was Junior High School. I join so many sport clubs like this because I want to keep my body fit and healthy when I stuck with my routines.

For art, I join 2 D (Two Dimension) club which has activities drawing, painting and coloring. We do this activity every Saturday in my school. Beside that I’m also one of member school’s choirs in my Junior High School and Senior High School. I also have a band with 5 members, I’m as a guitarist together with my four other friends. Nevertheless, I’m sure that these all activities are very useful for me to develop my right brain of art.

I also active enough in other organization like ‘Boy Scout’ in my elementary school, School’s Student Organization in junior high school, GEDS (Global English Debate Society) in my English course, ACMY (Al-Qobah creative Moslem Youth) near with my home, and other little organizations. Because, being involved in community activities like this, make me learn and find big valuable things for myself and my future. About the time, honestly I pursue all of them in my times, because I very want to get many experiences as long as I still young and have many chances to do it. Because pursue this very useful things make me move forward when I construct my future foundation.

In my community activities I have some different roles. First in my class I ever have been a class leader because our class leader always changes every week. Despite of just one week but I could learn leadership even though in a small part. I also ever had been a vise-captain in school’s student organization when I was Junior High School. It was so difficult to share my time but I could handle it with my effort and got many experiences about lead many people at that time. In soccer I usually play as a ‘midfielder’, ‘shooting guard’ for basketball and ‘single player’ in badminton. But my skill is just usual if it compares with my other great friends. If in GEDS (Debate Club) I usually be a first or second speaker, it’s so help me to talk before public. And I also ever had been a researching captain. So I have full responsibility about my researching result. All of these experiences are very important for me to step and move forward in my future pathway.

My extraordinary ambition now is Go Abroad. I have some objective why I very want to do this.

  1. I want to study about everything in other countries and get many information also education from there.
  2. I very want to school in other country especially countries which have developed technology. Because stay long time and get educations at there, can give me an inspiration about how my future is established.
  3. I very want to meet many friends from other countries, study about their culture, history, learn about the situation in their city and get a big experience that I very dream before.
  4. I realized the world is not too narrow like usual people think about. So I want to open my eyes that so many place and activity I have to feel out.
  5. I want to travel, get some fun journey in big country out there.

If I success do it, I will use all of those experiences to build my best future both for myself and my country. And make Indonesia can have good relation with other countries. All of those are my personal goals to go abroad. But I emphasize the main goal of me is to find and look for fabulous experience that I haven’t done it before and make proud my parent.

The biggest problem for me along my entire life is quarrel with my friends. I agree with proverb: 1000 friends are too less but 1 enemy is too much. If I have even though just 1 enemy, my heart can’t be comfort. Cause I always think how to recover my friendship. But I’ll force myself and throw away the prestige feeling one in my heart to apologized with my quarrel’s friend and throw the enmity one to make comfort my heart again. And the second situation that I feel difficult to solve it is when I got bad score in school’s lesson. But if I just regret and do nothing it can’t change anything. The things I have to do are just study hard again, find my minuses, praying and fix my bad score.

When I step in my path life, I got so many hindrances and obstacles definitely. The obstacle that I often feel it is when I try to stand up again from one failure. For example when I failed in one research competition, I felt despondently at that time. Because I had done full effort and spent much times to do it, but the result was so disappoint me. I thought that I wouldn’t do again any research because it was just wasting my energy and times. But I realized that one failure was a key to be successful. So many scientist in past had many failure but they were success because of it. Thomas Alpha Edison needed much failure to discover many useful things like a lamp. So I thought that I have to follow their path and studied more about researching. I began to learn about scientific writing again in internet, books, and ask with everybody who has many experienced about this. And finally I got that result. I success to stand in the first place in one scientific paper competition. That was a very awesome and fabulous achievement for me. Because, not only my name but it also bring credit to my school and my family.

Those all above is a little describing of me and my life. But like everyone else, I’m still an ordinary boy who be nothing without any people helping. So in this provisional world I just carve in my deepest Heart:

“I’m Just an Ordinary Boy Who Pursue the Happiness like Everyone Else”

Best Quotation  : “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

Best Motto          : Take a chance because you never know how perfect something can turn out to be

Know more about me:

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/afif.izzatullah

Twitter : http://twitter.com/Afifizzatullah

Other Blog : http://www.cakarafif.blogspot.com


14 thoughts on “Ordinary Boy Who Pursue Happiness

  1. I believe that you are good enough to make your dream comes true, with work hard, pray to God and never give up so you can get your ambitions. Remember that “big step always be started from a small step” so if you’ve done the best for your family and your school. Let’s continue it in the future to get success in your life. ;)

  2. hahaha..
    I’m really glad to hear that :)

    What date is today??
    I think I must make a sign for this day because you say like that to me..

    hohoh :P

    suggestion from me:
    not only a succes life, but also a succesfull in the family and religion are the most important..

    so you may work hard to get your dreams
    but don’t forget your family, your friends and God..
    they are the most valuable than others :)

  3. Bhso blh formal fif..
    tpi jgn lp grammar..
    hti2 msh ad bbrp yg slh..

    You always make a scream when I make some mistake in grammar..
    ahahah :D

    but for all..
    Two thumbs up for your blog..
    I really wanna make a cool blog like yours..

    hhhaa :D

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