New Year, New Blog

Hi everyone,,, :D

It’s the second blog that I have made by myself. The first before was that I made it in September 2009 (if  i don’t mistake), with the domain BLOGSPOT or from the In this new year, I plan to make a new one blog that simpler than before one, and since I have had a blog in blogspot, so I use WORDPRESS for my new 2010 Blog.

I use the simple, easy, smooth, and  soft theme for the template with white as a basic color, and without too much addition likes my blog before. I will focus just to write my experiences that I get day by day, without any disturbing post that doesn’t have any relation with my life. Through this blog I try to inspire people (despite of it’s difficult) with my hand and make such a kind like online diary in computer monitor.

Today is December 30th 2009, that mean:

Two day before NEW YEAR

So I greet to every people all over the world:

Happy 2010 New Year Wish we can get better life than the year before and get what we call like New Year dream

Happy New Year

With this new blog I’ll do max effort to make the real one my personal blog to train my writing skill and share with other people thus intend to persuade many people (that read this blog) to be fond of WRITING

Well, this is my first post in this new year blog, I hope it will better continuously second by seconds, minute by minutes, day by days, week by weeks, month by months until Next Year (Aamiin). And once again I shout to U All



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